(from left to right) 
Slip sliding I, mono-printed fabric and found object, aprox. 40cm x 40cm
Slip sliding II, mono-printed fabric and found object, aprox. 30cm x 50cm
Hanging drapes, oil on canvas, 40x55cm

Drape in lilac and red, mono-printed fabric, 150cm x 70cm.
Drape in green, red and yellow, mono-printed fabric and appliqué, apron 100cmx120cm

Studio Window II.
Oil on canvas, 85x70cm.
Still Mine.
Oil on canvas, 85x70cm.
Autumn Window.
Oil on canvas, 70x60cm

A firm grip.
Oil on canvas, 120x80cm.
Oil on board, 45x60cm.
Still life in Cobalt, Green and Red.
Oil on linen, 40x60cm


Permutaion I, II & III, Ribbed.
Plastic bangles, fabric, papier mache, paint.


Composition in Orange and Cobalt (nipple cushion)
Oil on birch-ply panel, 35x35 cm

Permutation in Fuschia and Green II                                                      Permutation in Fuschia and Green III
Oil on canvas, 30x40 cm                                                                      Oil on birch ply panel, 25x30 cm

Degree Show


Sausage Hot-Pot, 
fabric, wadding and paint on birch ply plynth, dimensions variable.

Soft Pot, 
fabric, wadding and paint on birch ply plynth, dimensions variable.

Still-life in blue and red,
fabric and wadding on oil painted birch ply, dimensions variable

Shadow                                                        Meat Hooks                                                                                                                                 
screen print on paper, 76x56 cm                    oil on board, 30x25 cm                                                                                                           
Nostrils                                                       Yellow Slump  
oil on board, 50x43 cm                                 oil on linnen, 62x54 cm                 

Floppy Box                                                    Composition in grey, green and red             Red Slump
oil on board, 35x35 cm                                    oil on board, 61x48 cm                              oil on linnen, 23x30 cm


Earlier Work
Not                                                             Hood
oil on linnen, 68x50 cm                                oil on linnen, 52x68 cm  


Portrait I II & III
screen print on paper               oil on board                                    fabric & wire coat-hanger
56x76 cm                               40x40 cm                                       (dimensions variable)