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Hiding Finding Place

Hiding Finding Place, an exhibition with Sarah Pettitt for In the House
October 2013

'Hiding Finding place' took place for one night only in my eccentric family home – a traditional Victorian semi-detached town house, whose interior is embedded with the vestiges of an eclectic family history lived across the world. We set ourselves the challenge of inserting our work into, under and over the existing tapestry of objects, and architecture, that make up the peculiar character of my house. It was a show where the artwork might get lost in the debris of family life, might coax out hidden ghosts, or where the display of the work might be a petulant, attention-seeking act.

During the opening my parents, Yvan Biot and Jane Miller, told stories about some of the more weird and wonderful objects they have collected over the years, as a way of unravelling our history and offering it up to our guests.

Below is some of the documentation of the show, these are largely images of my own work in the show and I have where possible indicated which is Sarah Pettitt's. 
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Black and white papier mache objects, snake and red sand painting, by Sarah Pettitt, all 2013.
Red and white scrunchy, ink-jet print and fabric coil pot, by Leah Mille-Biot, all 2013.
Scrunchy, fabric elastic and paint on Indonesian statue, 2013 app. 10cm diameter.